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Cyanotype Workshop with Photographic Artist Yael Kaplan

An experiential workshop for making your own sun print without a camera!
Printing photos using a technique that uses sunlight with an emphasis on the individual expression of each person. The workshop participants will use plant samples, lace, cut paper and other objects and create a unique photogram in a simple and magical process on paper sensitive to light in Blue-Cyan color.

Participation in the workshop with advance registration *  The number of places is limited

For more information: call 052-8323003 or WhatsApp message

Yael Kaplan is a multidisciplinary photography artist who has been specializing in photography processes for the last eighteen years. Kaplan's works have been exhibited throughout the world and are in private and public collections. Recipient of the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" Award for Artistic Excellence, an International Award for Art, Culture, Design and Science of man from the Florence Biennale.

*The text is written in the masculine but turns to all genders.

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