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Yael Hila Kaplan Visual Artis / Shining Qlippah and the secret of the nut

Shining Qlippah and the Secret of the Nut

Yael Kaplan makes a move from a picturesque perspective. Its photographic magnifications and purple blue color schemes create a cosmic world of pictorial abstraction. Kaplan, who also deals with abstract drawing, sees the process of abstraction as a meditative spiritual journey that dives into the depths of the soul. It is a feminine move that uses circles and movement of matter in matter into the light. Her photographs allow an experience of levitation and movement into the invisible space of photography. As engulfed in a metaphysical cosmic space of black holes swallowing every substance. These black holes of consciousness become the appearance of creation. There is from where. The photographic paradox operates at its full power when photography must capture something there. Kaplan peels off the shining peel the light of creation act.

Curator: Eyal Ben Dov


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