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Yael Hila Kaplan Visual Artis / The Shady Side of The Mountain

The Shady Side of the Mountain


The image of the mountain (in the title) is a round and feminine image. Its shady side is introvert, closed, passive and dark. But what is now found in the shade, as is the way of the world, can change at any given moment and be light, frontal and active.

The Shady Side of the Mountain presents a temporary situation that is variable and that can change. I look for a way to weave a path for the viewer, using a source of light directed at the photographed image. In some of the work, the source of light appears to be a spotlight, and the object becomes an actor on stage observed by the viewer. In other works, the source of light is only a small flashlight showing the way in the dark or a circle of light that ritually surrounds the object. From time to time it seems as though the light is only a small beam that shines through a keyhole that the viewer is curiously looking


The changing light formation turns photographs into organic, brawny objects (materials connected to the senses) or airy, transparent and gentle (like an evasive memory or the soul of the object). In this series of work, the feminine element of the cosmic universe is presented as a possible interpretation, and seeks a meeting point between photography and painting.

Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

AW Collection
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