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The work presents the contrast between material - silver and anti-matter - light and darkness. This observation came originally from the world of photography in which I am engaged. The light and darkness in the work sharpen the positive and negative concepts in our world.

To the work that represents the light I chose two transparent perspex circles 50x50 cm in diameter, connected to each other.

The perspex circles "float in space" in a circular motion, including a group of crystals. On the transparent bodies, a circular, hollow, lunar image is projected, suggesting an imaginary future in which the money will turn from material to anti-matter. So that in the future money will pass through the light ... it will be possible to click on a light point that will project itself on a charge center on a virtual screen that can exist in a chosen space.

For the work that represents the darkness, I chose a canvas canvas stretched on a thick frame in the shape of a square 70x70 cm. The darkness on the canvas is created by Sisyphean work of pencil drawing, layer upon layer, to create a dark and glowing background. In this work, as opposed to working with virtual material - the light, the thought of the future raises the possibility of a return in time to a world that eliminates the material - the money. In this future world, will be used for trade in the exchange of products, as was customary in the ancient world, from a moral worldview that is opposed to the capitalist world.

As a creative I am aware of the unconscious effect that we are experiencing from the digital, virtual, alternative world. The "new" world is developing at a dizzying pace, creating a situation that changes our perceptions and thoughts all the time. As we move toward the future to money and the bank will be an integral part of the revolution that will take place in our world.

Curator: Alon Razgour

Author: Drora Dekel

Coins of the future

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